Thursday, September 15, 2011

license to chill

Flemington Motor Vehicles
Oh the dreaded renewing of the drivers license.  I will never forget the horror of doing this in Brooklyn when I first learned to drive.  Today was an absolute joy.  Look at all those people ahead of me.  Hehheh.  In AND out in ten minutes.  I must celebrate tonight!

Summer is so close to over I can't believe it.
      I still never perfected my peach martini.  Well, it isn't over yet is it?

2.5 oz peach vodka
.5 oz peach schnapps
2.5 oz organic peach nectar
a squeeze of fresh lemon

Put this all in a shaker with lots of ice and shake till chilled.
Strain into frozen cold martini glass.

"If you drink, don't drive.  Don't even putt."
                                               Dean Martin

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